The hill next to Powell and Royce - my favorite study area

College Years Album

Below are recordings of my college career compositions (definitely incomplete...).

College Years is definitive of my compositions in many ways. It is the time when the images of Autumn Leaves and Autumn Lake crystallized in my themes and my dreams. It is the time when music defined who I was. No matter what grade how I got or how badly I do - school wise, socially, or athletically - I always have music of my very own. It is impossible to recreate my original style with re-recordings, but I'll try - over the summer of 2005. In the mean time, please enjoy what I do recall!

Album Listings

Title Play Music Comments
Water Musings [mp3] Recorded 3/19/2005
Spirit Dance [mp3] Recording is mistake prone, but is done with jest and fun - 5/26/2006
Fall Rites [mp3] Very Typical Song I would compose around that time, but with some 2005 flavors since it is recorded 6/16/2005
Sojourn Road - for Mom, Mothers Day 1992 [mid] [mp3] Recorded 2007-05-13.