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First Career Years Album

Below are recordings of my first career compositions (incomplete as of 3/6/2005).

My first career, a few years at HP and a few years at BioDiscovery were life changing. Careerwise, it was nothing to write home about. But as a person, I grew tremendously. My compositions were so so - not too shabby, but not too great partly because when I was at Silicon Valley, I didn't have a piano with me... I'll try to update this page as more songs come back to me.

In the mean time, thank you for visiting. And please ... enjoy.

Album Listings

Title Play Music Comments
Autumn Wisp [mp3] Composed late 1990's. Recorded 3/13/2005. Weird,weird recording. I spent 1 1/2 hour recording - one thing or another keep on messing up ... until a final two takes - which transposed the recording up 1/2 step. Then record got jumbled with another... this is the best I can do. I'm not going to waste any more time on this. If this is this piece is going to sound like. So be it.
Broken Piano [mp3] So named because I composed it around the same time when I broke a used hand piano sis bought while helping to transport it. Recorded 3/12/2005
Happy Roll [mp3] re-recorded 2/25/2006
I Don't Know [mp3] Composed song around 2000 as collaborative effort to compose Italian song with James Pao... Didn't pan out though - so only the music exists. Recorded 3/20/2005
Road to Town [mp3] composed 6/13/2001; recorded 2/19/06
Party Roll [mp3] Recorded 4/8/2005
Storm After [mp3] Composed late 1990's or early 2000's. Improvised and recorded 4/30/2005
Sneaky Squeaky [mp3] composed during shower 6/10/2001; recorded 10/22/2005
Waking Up [mp3] Composed 6/28/2001 (morning)
Eternal Love for Yvette and Steve [mp3] Congrats Steve and Yvette - 12/29/2001! Recorded 10/16/2005.
Hey - We Made a Sonata! [mp3] composed jointly by Grace and Allen on 6/3/2002; recorded 10/22/2005 - thinking about re-recording
West Coast Biking [mp3] Written down 10/26/2003; recorded 1/15/2006
Eternal Love for Steve and Yvette [mid0][mid1][mp3] Recorded 2007-05-13