Grace's Album

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To Grace [mid] [mp3] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-12.
Walking with You [mid] [mp3] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-09.
XinReiZhiMeng [orig mid] [v.1 mid] [v.1 mp3] [v.1 flac] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-08.
Tuolomne Meadows [midi][mp3] Composed 1996 after trip to Tuolumne Meadows with Grace. Recorded 2007-05-01 on Yamaha P140 for wedding CD.
All that Glitters is not Gold [midi][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-04-30 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
By the Moonlight [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-11 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
GeiXinRui [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-04 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Gracious Morning [midi0][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-04-22 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Havasu Canyon [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-09 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
July Fourth [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-13 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Wedding Song For Our Wedding. 4 versions / sessions I had recorded. Composed and recorded in early 2007 for wedding. Never quite happy - so didn't use. Maybe standard was set too high. Now in retrospect, I think it's a beautiful song. Here are the versions as recorded and tweaked then. Flac audio generated by pianoteq 7, Grotian on 10/26/2022.