Yosemite - Grace and my favorite national park

Graduate School Years Album

Below are recordings of my graduate school compositions (incomplete).

I consider my graduate school compositions to be my best. Unfortunately, most of them are lost. Around 1996, I had a terrible computer accident and lost over 80 songs I had written down, from late 80's to then. I became very depressed. Although I continued composing, I adopted the attitude music is best when played and composed ephermally. That is, I compose for the sake of composing - not for posterity's sake. That led to some of my best compositions. That also meant many of those compositions are gone. I had to forget those pieces to compose more. And in time, I do truly forget... Neverthless, I do have some takes on tape of some of the themes. This summer (2005), I'll see if I can reconstruct some of them.

In the mean time, thank you for visiting. And please enjoy what I have on already.

Album Listings

Title Sample Music Comments
Dad's Voices [mp3] Song composed after Dad's death on 10/10/1995
Sailing Marina Del Rey [mp3] Song composed around 1995 reminescing about my first sailing; Recorded 4/30/2005
French Minuet [mp3]
Kick up Tune [mp3]
Stream of Time [mp3] Personally, one of my "best" composition.
Black Canyon Row [mp3] Composed in Mar - April of 2000 after awesome Black Canyon Trip with UCLA Outdoor Adventures
Well Wishes - Extended Version [mp3] Composed one morning at home; Recorded 4/30/2005
To Grace [mid] [mp3] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-12.
Walking with You [mid] [mp3] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-09.
XinReiZhiMeng [orig mid] [v.1 mid] [v.1 mp3] Composed 1996-97ish. Recorded 2007-05-08.
Tuolomne Meadows [midi][mp3] Composed 1996 after trip to Tuolumne Meadows with Grace. Recorded 2007-05-01 on Yamaha P140 for wedding CD.
All that Glitters is not Gold [midi][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-04-30 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
By the Moonlight [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-11 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
GeiXinRui [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-04 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Gracious Morning [midi0][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-04-22 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Havasu Canyon [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-09 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
July Fourth [midi0][midi1][mp3] Composed around 1996. Recorded 2007-05-13 for wedding CD on Yamaha P140.
Stream of Time [midi0][midi1][mp3] Recorded 5/13/2007.