Fall by the Charles River

Law School Years Album

Below are recordings of my compositions during my law school years (Fall 2003 - Summer 2006).

Law school is not the most romantic of times ... nevertheless, I have found time to compose. It's actually not that difficult. Boston is a beautiful city, where I can find plenty of inspiration from jogging along the Charles River to walking around Bostom Commons.

Sis' wedding in 2004 helped kick start my Law school "composition career." I composed her wedding song, "A Carefree Stroll," the day of the wedding at the site of the wedding. That experience helped to stroke my confidence and revitalize my composing interests. I got serious about recording my music around midway through my second year - when I sucked up and bought my first set of microphones. I am so psyched about finally getting serious about recording and keeping my music!

Thank you for visiting. And please ... enjoy!

Album Listings

Title Play Music Comments
A Carefree Stroll [mp3] Recorded 4/30/2005
Trotting to the Ocean [mp3] Recorded 3/5/2005
An Ant's Labor [mp3] Composed night of 11/18/2004; recorded 10/16/2005
Rag Beat [mp3] Recorded 3/5/2005
Springing Droplets [m3u] [mp3] Recorded 3/6/2005
Gaudette's Lecture [mp3] Musings composed 2/28/2005; Recorded 3/5/2005
Musings 2 on 2/28/2005 [mp3] Recorded 3/6/2005
For Derek and Sarah [mp3] Musings 2 on 2/28/2005
Improvision 3-5-2005 Caught on Tape [mp3] Recorded 3/5/2005
River Festivals [mp3] Recorded 3/25/2005
Rock Ball [mp3] Recorded 3/25/2005
Golden Strands' Serenade [mp3] Composed 6/9/2005; Recorded 6/9/2005
Midnight Beat Short version:

Long version:
Short Version:
Long Version:
Composed 6/9/2005; Recorded 6/9/2005
Tueeulala and Wampama Falls - Thoughts from Yosemite... [mp3] Composed 6/30/2005, Recorded 7/12/2005; Inspired by thoughts from 2005 Yosemite Trip
A Private's Story [mp3] Composed 6/19/2005; Recorded 10/1/2005
Scratch [mp3] composed 9/18/2005; recorded 10/9/2005
Yonder People [mp3] Composed 9/30/2005; recorded 10/1/2005
A Pagoda's Musings [mp3] Improvised and recorded 10/1/2005; retro college years-like piece
Autumn Trails [mp3] Composed 10/9/2005; Recorded 10/9/2005; there will be lyrics - so this is tentative
Storm of Thirty Four [mp3] describing the internal turmoils surrounding my 34th birthday; composed and recorded 10/16/2005
Ephemeral Reunion [mp3] recorded and composed 10/22/2005
2006 - Welcome! [m3u] [mp3] Composed and recorded 1/7/2006
Improvisation - Through Swamps and Trees [mp3] Motive thought up 1/7/2006, but recording was busted ... retry 1/15/2006 - not super good, had to rely on some mixing
Missy's Piano [mp3] Composed and recorded 2/12/2006
Aimless March [mp3] composed and recorded 2/25/2006
A Boston Chapter [mp3] Composed and recorded 5/26/06; the recording has a 5 second skip around 15 seconds into the piece - should re-record some time
Meditation by the Charles [mp3] Recorded and Composed 5/26/2006
Cherish Stones [mp3] Composed and recorded 5/26/2006